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Leroy D. Werley, Jr.

 Leroy D. Werley, Jr., born on January 5, 1919 in Allentown, PA to Anna and Leroy D. Werley, died today October 2, 2007 in his apartment at Croasdaile Village with family and friends in attendance. Marine, relish boy, pharmacist, parking-lot attendant, radar operator, hospital administrator, husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, brother, uncle, great-uncle, Associate Dean, Acting Dean, advisor, mentor, Rube Goldberg devotee, bridge player, storyteller, singer of harmonies, friend - the list of roles Leroy D. Werley, Jr. played in his life is long. The greatest actors in the world would all be proud to have played any of these roles as well as Lee did - the difference is Lee played them for real and he played them for keeps. In his quiet way, he took each role and made it his own - such that if asked to name the proto-typical relish boy or father or friend, the answer from all who knew him would be the same - Lee Werley.

All of us - family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances - will always remember Lee as one of the nicest, most decent people they have ever met - the kind of person who makes life worth living. He was the loving husband to his dear Peggy for over 58 years and was the best dad his kids could have asked for. We will all miss him - his sense of humor, his generosity, his love.