Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States
                     C. V. Cummings Chapel Hill Post 9100 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is the Post?
A: We do not have a building, but we meet at the American Legion Post 6 on Legion Road.

Q: Will members of the Post serve as guest speakers for my civic group or school?
A: Yes, they will. We are not a political group.  We are veterans and we will be pleased to speak on service experience, veterans programs, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, and similar topics.  Learn more

Q: What information does this site contain?
A: We have information relating to our post, links to government and veterans support groups, and health and wellness information.

Q: How do I join the Veterans of Foreign Wars?
A: We are open to any veteran who has served in a conflict.  It's pretty easy, but eligibility is a must.  Learn more

Q: What are the benefits of belonging to the local Post?
A: You get to influence what we do to support local veterans.  This includes veterans from earlier wars and current conflict vets.  The history of the VFW is full of activism by returning vets.  You can't influence change unless you join in to protect and expand support for our veterans.  Only you can make it happen.  Chapel Hill needs your voice and support.  Contact the Post.

Q: How much are Post dues?
A: Annual dues to our Post are $23.  First year's dues for new veterans is covered by the Post.