Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States
                     C. V. Cummings Chapel Hill Post 9100 

Parade Participation

Long gone are the marching military bands with local battalions of soldiers and national guard marching with them.  We Vietnam veterans think that our war was the turning point.  We came home and switched out of our uniforms as fast as we could.  We did not feel welcomed home.

Our current conflict is changing that.  There is no more draft to rant about.  The soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen are our sons and daughters all volunteers who decided that someone has to step forward and Remember 9/11.

For our Post, we join in local parades in Caldwell, Rougemont and just recently, Chapel Hill.  We had to travel far away to "small town America" to find a community holding a patriotic parade where people stand up and out of their wheel chairs to give a salute to the flag as it passes by.  We, local Veterans of Foreign Wars from Chapel Hill, Yanceyville, Burlington and Durham, lead their parades.

We are taking one step at a time and have joined in the Chapel Hill Christmas (Holiday) Parade.  We form a contingent near the end of the parade, but it is a start.  With more veterans joining in the Veterans of Foreign Wars, maybe we can get a group large enough to be positioned near the front.

Come join us and watch a video that has footage from both the 2009 and 2008 parade.  It tells our Christmas story, the story of "The little Post that could, and does."